For Immediate Release



Prisons Care and Counselling Association (PRISCCA) wishes to thank the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for using his prerogative of mercy powers generously by pardoning 1125 inmates in addition to the over 3000 that were pardoned in May and July this year.

The President has done his part in helping inmates and ex-inmates and what remains is assistance from line ministries and departments such as the social welfare department, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and others to supplement his efforts if we are to complete the cycle of reintegration and community re-entry.

We believe that they have been pardoned at the right time to be given pieces of land by traditional leaders for those who wish to engage in agricultural activities. Pardonees will also need simple agricultural tools, seed, food, accommodation and reception from the outside population above all.

To those who have been released, we urge them to demonstrate high levels of discipline, be law abiding and prove to society that they have really reformed. This will encourage the Republican President to continue extending an olive branch to their friends that are still held in correctional facilities around the country and will also build confidence in the general public that prisoners are truly being reformed.


Dr. Godfrey Malembeka

Executive Director

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